Mount Forest – North Wellington

I wanted to thank you for the lovely gift on Saturday.  So happy to get another soap.  The truffle on the candle was so good.
My granddaughters where so excited as well.  The youngest had been wanting a head scarf and the older one loved how soft the facecloth was.  They both liked how the soaps were wraped.  My daughter inlaw loved her pack as well.
Thank you for such wonderful products!

Mount Forest – North Wellington

Hi Karolina,
I am needing some neck cream, and I am wondering if you are around for
curbside pick up, or if I should order online for delivery. Thanks

Mount Forest – North Wellington

Good morning Karolina:
I hope you are well.
I am needing another jar of the Royal Jelly & Rose face cream. Please let me know when I would be able to pick it up. Thanks very much.

Niagara Falls – Canada

I have got your rejuvenating hand cream. Its so luscious and soothing for these hands that are dry from the hand sanitizer. Thank you.

With great affection, Katherine

Mount Forest – North Wellington

The hand and body lotion in Ceylon Cinnamon Scent is very nice! Faye

Mount Forest – North Wellington

Good morning Karolina,
So far, I am very impressed.  I used the lotion on my arms and legs this morning, and they feel so much better.  I have been using almond oil, but the lotion seems to absorb better and leave my skin softer. In what size of container will you sell the body/hand lotion? Have a great day! Flora

Mount Forest – North Wellington

Hi Karolina
I absolutely love the way your products feel on my skin. It takes the dryness away immediately. When I apply the rejuvenating cream to my face, I also apply it to my lips and it tastes good. I also love the smell of the passion spray. Your products are great.

Max, Mount Forest – North Wellington

Hello Karolina
I am pleased to report I do see a difference in my face since using your cream. While I am not looking any younger (haha) my face is feeling much better. Softer and not so dry. So yes, I am pleased with the purchase. See you again.

Julie, Mount Forest – North Wellington

Hi Karolina,
I love the Rejuvenating Face cream!
I don’t love the smell, but the results are excellent. Stay healthy & kind regards

Flora, Mount Forest – North Wellington

Hi Karolina:
Thank you for your email.
I have been enjoying using your products, they feel so lovely.
I will give you more feedback after I have used them for a time.
Best regards,

Catherine B., Oakville

Karolina, your hand cream is unique. I have terrible dry skin in the winter but your hand cream seems to nourish my skin unlike any other I’ve ever used. The scent is delightful, understated but softly sweet and luxurious. There is no overpowering synthetic boost to this fragrance. It’s real and natural and I can tolerate it. I love your hand cream. It is quite possibly the best hand cream I’ve ever used.


Hi Karolina, 

I’ve been using Rejuveneting Face Cream that you gave to me and it is fantastic! 

My skin feels so good!  I feel the difference on my face and I think it has been making a difference. I think I’m looking younger!!! Thank you so much! 

North Wellington

Thank you so much, Karolina!

I am enjoying the new cream my husband got me for Christmas! All the best.

Taryn O’Neill

Hi Karolina,

Thanks so much for your message!! I love your products so much. Yes I popped into the hollow willow last Friday and bought the rejuvenation royal jelly cream. I think I’m set for now but if I have any more questions I will be sure to contact you and set up a time to meet.

Taryn O’Neill

Hi there, I live in Paris, Ontario and work out with Shelley I recently tried your creams in a sample pack that I purchased from the hollow willow health store. I love everything- especially in this cold dry weather. I would love to purchase a full sized cream but am having trouble deciding which one. I am liking both the daily rejuvenation cream and the ylang ylang night cream. I wondered if you ever opened your store to the public that is beside my gym as I’d love to chat with you and get your recommendation. I also see another daily moisturizer listed on your website and wondered about it. I look forward to your reply. Thanks Tary


Thank you for coming & for my beautiful creams. My skin feels so soft and supple. I get compliments on it every day. It has changed the texture of my skin. I love Karolina’s natural line. It was my pleasure, you are so lovely to have here and I hope you made some connections. I wish you and your family a beautiful Xmas season. May the blessings of today bring you much joy and health.

Warmest Wishes,


Hey this is Kathy we met at White Oaks. I would like to order some of that amazing eye cream. I loved it and just ran out. I lost your number but found your brochure

Catherine B.


Karolina, your hand cream is unique. I have terrible dry skin in the winter but your hand cream seems to nourish my skin unlike any other I’ve ever used. The scent is delightful, understated but softly sweet and luxurious. There is no overpowering synthetic boost to this fragrance. It’s real and natural and I can tolerate it. I love your hand cream. It is quite possibly the best hand cream I’ve ever used.


As a scientist, I am very skeptical about the claims made by companies about their products. However, Karolina’s herbal facials and creams truly live up to their claims. Since I began using these products, my skin is clearer, its appearance is glowing and the tone has improved. I love these products, and highly recommended them.

Lisa Laucheed

Pop Diva

As quoted in Cosmetic Magazine Lisa summed up her facial treatment experience, by comparing it to her previous facials. “ I am glad I’ve had them before because, now I know the difference. This is a hundred times better! There is no comparison! This treatment takes time, care and attention to my specific skin type. This has been a heaven!



Happy New year Karolina! I love love  love your intensive lip and eye cream. I am halfway through my second jar. I put it on my entire face in the evening and by the morning it has all completely soaked in. Honestly my skin has never felt so soft… Take care.



“Karolina’s herbal remedies are amazing. My skin is brighter and younger looking than ever. Now that I had tried her products, I could never use anything else. Fine lines and wrinkles seem to diminish with regular use of Karolina’s products. I’ve had remarkable results”


I have used Karolina products for years and can’ think of anything better for my skin. I love her herbal facials and I am proud of my healthy appearance. Her eye cream is excellent. Karolina takes care to perfect her herbal products. She is talented and extremely professional and I value her expertise.



Dear Karolina Thank you so much for the lovely facial. I love the cream! Enjoy & be blessed.



Hi Karolina, I have received your cream and oil. It is wonderful. I would like to order 2 more crème… Thanks, 


COMMENTS ON TREATMENT: Home facials have dramatically reduced the frequency of breaks along with Karolina’s Herbal Facials in the Salon. I suffer from breakouts that don’t heal quickly and some last several weeks. But Karolina’s home acne mask does an immediate healing effect with immediate reduction of the size of the blemish after just one use. I have never had such dramatic and immediate results with stubborn blemishes, with one of the other multiple products that I have tried.  Also it helps to reduce dark spots caused by acne, chemical and physical damage. The mask never dry my skin,  regardless of frequency. After Facial; Feels soft, smooth complexion, glowing, bright, clean but not dry. My skin feels comfortable, clean and well nourished. Thanks Karolina – You are the best and your products are unbeatable – I cannot live without them now.

Mrs. Zeldin

Dear Karolina Over the years I have used a wide array of eye products, none have been as effective as your Eye cream. The consistency is even and easy to apply as well as alleviating puffiness and lines. Thank you for developing such a wonderful products.Faithfully,


I have no doubts that my skin is in excellent care with Karolina. I have referred several people to Karolina and all have been just impressed as myself. Her warm environment makes my facials with my mother both relaxing & special. Karolina is the best kept secret on Avenue Road”.


“ Periodically facial blemishes caused by over exposure to the sun become bright red & moist. Often healing take place. Then skin becomes rough.  Thanks to Karolina’s Eye and lip Rejuvenating cream; after a few applications the spots fade and the skinis very smooth 


Describe your skin after the facial: Soft-glowing simply beautiful, more youthful looking, people always comments on my skin after I had a facial. EXCELLENT!!!  The best place to go for facial. Karolina makes it feel warm and comfortable, very relaxing, very helpful with any questions I ask.


Excellent-Karolina really knows what she is doing. Treatment is far superior to any that I have had in a spa. Skin feels soft, nourished, refreshed.


Karolina’s treatment dramatically improved the condition of severe acne on my face . I was under doctors care and medication for my acne- but they were not effective on their own. Karolina’s treatment provided the additional support to my skin that, I believe, was instrumental in curing my acne, along with the medication. Today my acne has completely disappeared and I have no scars. The treatment is comfortable and relaxing, Karolina is very sensitive to her client’s needs.


“Beautiful with healthy glow! My Facials with Karolina have been by far the best I’ve ever had. Her warm & welcoming personality makes the experience even more enjoyable. I had received a series of facial prior to my wedding & my skin was glowing on my wedding day & through my pregnancy.”


Karolina provides excellent aesthetic treatments in a very pleasant warm & spotlessly clean environment. Skin after herbal facial- Excellent-clean and fresh.


Have a wonderful Christmas, Wishing you a New Year filled with much happiness, peace, prosperity and a good health.  Thank you for your superb skin care. You don’t know the difference it has made.  Best Wishes, Lots of Love.


It was a pleasure meeting you. I am loving the products so far… I used them last night and this morning. The hydration levels are amazing!